Portfolio / C.V.

ir Tom Veeger
adress : pastoor Dijkmanstraat 12
zip code : 5612 RB
city : Eindhoven
country : the Netherlands
telephone : ++31/40/2123529
mobile : ++31/6/55355640
email : tom@tv59.nl
born : 30-1-1959 (Stockholm)
education : Master’s degree at the Unit Architectural  Design and Engineering, Faculty of Architecture,Building and Planning Eindhoven University of Technology

Projects (a selection))

  • installation “Megapixel” and curator exhibition Puls at the Natlab (former Philips’ research laboratory) at the Dutch Design Week www.mad.dse.nl/puls (2009)
  • performance at the Logos foundation Gent, an Antartica project (2009)
  • installation festival “Winterlicht”, Schiedam www.winterlicht.nl (2009)
  • lighting project Chamber of Commerce Eindhoven, using 100 meter of 3W Luxeon leds, changing colours through the night (2007-2008)
  • installation festival Polderlicht , Amsterdam www.polderlicht.com (2007)
  • lighting project Demer Passage, a tunnel under the railway in the centre of Eindhoven 2×40 meter using 3W Luxeon leds, changing colours during the night (2004-2006)
  • outdoor exhibition at the gallery Germinahof at the village Sterksel,
  • installation “Outpost” (2003)
  • working together with Belgium choreograph Alexander Baervoets in art project www.de-pijp.nl by commission of the municipal council of Amsterdam, a website for a quarter in the south of Amsterdam called “de Pijp” concerning the movement in the city (1998-2003)
  • lighting object ( 60×6 meter ),as a part of the façade of the new XL supermarket (Albert Heijn) in Eindhoven (combining my work as project architect and artist for the lighting facade). 200 neonlight tubes of 2 meter long, assembled on the façade making different templates during the night and evening (2002)
  • installation “Spanish Electric “ during the art exposition at the electric and gascompany of Eindhoven (2000)
  • exposition gallery Art 88 Nuenen (1998)
  • exhibition “Orange-Blue” Art center Ateliers ‘93 te Hengelo.(1997)
  • exhibition design of the exposition “Reinier Tybout Architect”, in Museum Kempenland Eindhoven (1995)
  • installation and performance at the international art festival “the meridian crossings-entArtic shelf”, monastary Plazy Tsjechie , by the hermit foundation, this was an antarctica project (1995)
  • by commission of the municipal council of Goirle a predesign for a sculpture nearby the road of Tilburg – Turnhout (1994)
  • by commission of the municipal council of Eindhoven working in a workshop together with twenty Dutch artists and architects dealing with the complex problems of the town planning in our city, presentation in the art space “de Fabriek” (1994)
  • Installation “Sign of the times” on the tower ” de Dromedaris” at the Enkhuizen festival “Genesis Local”, art foundation “de Twee Wezen” (1993)
  • by commission of the municipal council of Dordrecht mentoring and building the art project of the French/Turkish artist Sarkis for the international exhibition “Kalkhaven 510 48’-040 40’ NL Dordrecht”(1993)
  • Design of two permanent installation s in the music center Frits Philips by commission of the municipal council of Eindhoven (1992)
  • by commission of the municipal council of Delft a predesign for a sculpture/installation in the cultural center of Delft (1992)
  • installation “Pavilion for the wind” for the art foundation of the province of Brabant “NBKS” in Oirschot together with catalog and video (1991)
  • Project : Angel City, a triptych of installations in Eindhoven
  • the first part “Waiting for an Angel” the gallery Hemelrijken, the second part “Falling Angels never die” in the gallery Hemelrijken, part three “Post Paradise” in the courtyard of the art foundation “de Krabbedans”
  • Eindhoven.(1991) and at the Arnhems Museum of Modern Art during AVE festival(1991)
  • theatre lighting and stage design for mime, dance and theatre companies: ASKO ensemble with a “ Varése on tour”, mime and movement group “het Klein” touring in Japan and different outdoor festivals in Holland and Belgium. Stage design for outdoor opera Deining in Groningen. (1984-1990)
  • art projects: installations in Linz and Graz (Austria), music festival Noorderslag Groningen, art project Fusie in Grand theatre Groningen. Projects in different galleries in the Netherlands and abroad.(1986-1990)
  • multi-media group Antarctica, 4 artists working together with performances, installations and “work in progress” in different places of art in Holland and Belgium. Since 1992 the group presented over 80 projects. The projects were presented in strange places: the bike-parking of the University of Tilburg; a squatted church in Breda; an international festival in a monastery in the Czech Republic; the Palais des beaux Arts Brussel, festival Bruzzle, on the dikes in Flanders etc. (1986 – now)
  • free-lance work with Henk van der Geest Lighting Design in Amsterdam. Working on lightingprojects in theatre en architecture: lighting design for new Groninger Museum, exhibitions in Rotterdam and Amsterdam (Beurs van Berlage) and stage lighting for Circel Ensemble (music), Cloud Chamber (modern dance at the Holland festival) and Toneelgroep Amsterdam King Lear (1990)
  • grant by the Dutch Government (foundation FBKVB for Art and Architecture) (1988)

from 1990, architect at different architectural offices in the region of Eindhoven. Working on projects like:
hospitals, housing projects, factory plants, office buildings, schools and studies for urban planning.
Two nominations for architectural prices in Eindhoven and Utrecht. Architectural Award of the public of the city of Eindhoven, prize for best large scale housing project in province of Brabant, Welstandsprijs Noord Brabant, third prize for best project in lowcost housing, by the province of Utrecht.

director/architect Atelier Veeger Verbakel Eindhoven (www.veegerverbakel.nl)

tutor in Architectural Design at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning Eindhoven University of Technology

working at “van den Pauwert Architecten” Eindhoven (www.pauwert.nl)

  • 148 en 110 houses Eindhoven
  • office building Marc Global Systems Airport Eindhoven
  • office building KPMG te Eindhoven
  • supermarket AH xl Eindhoven
  • housing project, 120 houses in Geldrop
  • competition for headquarter Philips-Nederland (together with West 8 Landscape architects and French architect D.Perrault)
  • garage Toyota in Doetichem
  • Interior design for offices like Watson Wyatt/Brans en Co, Face en SAB at and the Military Police

Art Committees

  • Working for the city of Dordrecht, Eindhoven and Schijndel
  • the province Brabant (south of Holland). Advisor in the matter of subsidy of art projects
  • Member of the board of different Art Foundations