Tom Veeger is an architect and designer combining the experience in the field of: Architecture, Lighting and Art projects.

After finishing his study at the TU/e Faculty of architecture, he started working in theater (stage design and lighting) and carry out art projects. This was made possible with a grant from the foundation FBKVB. This period gave him the opportunity to carry out projects outside the architectural boundaries. He also worked in some large architectural studios, designing projects like hospitals, schools, office buildings, large scale housing projects, urban design and interior. From this broad experience he has developed an expertise to easily switch between different fields of design. Now he’s owner/architect of his own studio working on projects in the field of architecture, art and lighting and combines it with his work at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the TU/e.

ir Tom Veeger
Tuinstraat 3
5611 PL, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
mobile : ++31/6/55355640
email : tom@tv59.nl